5 key things to pay attention to when it comes to home insurances

Home insurances are very tricky, even those which seem very detailed on the first sight. That’s exactly why it’s so essential for you to real every single clauses of it. Hereby we will present you with some good examples of what to watch out for specifically, when it comes to locks and locksmith services.

Things-1: Never lie about your locks

Although most home insurance companies would require you to present with detailed information of all your locks including photographs, it may happen that you make insurance with a smaller insurance company who only requires you to agree that you use locks which are according to the British standards. It’s however important to know, that the only locks which ae according to British standard are the locks which have the BSI trademark logo (featuring a kite) engraved in them. While most good locksmith services in Poole are aware of this fact, make sure, that your locks are according to standards, otherwise when a burglary happens the insurance company will not pay, in case it turns out your locks lack the BSI logo.

Things-2: Using your locks accordingly

It’s good to know that most home insurance company will only cover one part of the value of your stolen belongings if the burglary happens while every lock is correctly locked. This means, you will need to present with either a kicked door, a broken window or a lock that’s been broken or taken out of its place. All in all, the burglary has to be a violent act while everything was properly locked.

Don’t forget, that in each instance, the insurance company would send out a seasoned investigator to check all the locks and windows. These people are very experienced and they will see what was or was not locked.

Things-3: Does your home insurance cover emergency instances?

While some home insurance may include home emergency assistance, others would require you to pay an extra amount for this. Emergency cover includes such instances when either a very important amenity or home appliance breaks down, or instances when you lose your keys or have them stolen. But pay attention, because most insurance companies will only pay if you call one of the locksmiths in Poole enlisted in their own database and call the insurance emergency helpline first. If you call another locksmith and would not call the helpline you will not be covered for this instance.

Things-4: Changing locks? Inform the insurance company first

When it comes to changing your locks, bear in mind, that you must inform the insurance company about it as soon as possible. In case you miss out on this and a burglary happens, the insurance will not cover your financial losses as the locks are not those, the details of which the insurance company has.

Things-5: Read every single clause of the exclusions

There are tons of exclusions when insurance companies will not pay you even when the worst happens. You will need to be duly informed about this, because the insurance dealers will not tell you about these in detail. Also, compare insurances and rather go for the one that’s more expensive but gives more cover than those which are cheaper but in the end it comes out that they would not pay for anything.

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