5 key reasons to have approved locks in your home

While not having approved locks on your doors and windows may not automatically cancel your chances of being insured it can surely mean some difficulties when it comes to getting insured as it can raise the risk level for your insurance. This means, you will need to pay more money and not get insured in some key instances either. So male sure you choose a reputable Manchester locksmith service.

Let’s see what the most common approved locks are to take into consideration:

Cylinder rim locks (night latches)

These are required on entrance doors but as secondary locks. These are some of the most commonly used locks by most household as they are simple to use, open and close on a daily level. While the lock looks like an ordinary inside-mounted lock on the outside, it is mounted externally to the door from the inside, where it can be operated manually or can close automatically too. If you have an older style that only works manually, consider getting it changed to a more modern version that also complies with the British Standard Nr. BS3621.

Multi-point horizontal or horizontal and vertical lock systems

Multi point locks can range from 2 to 5 point locking systems. While the 2-3 point systems would ensure horizontal closure, the 5 point systems also contain 2 additional vertical locks which provide the largest deal of defence to an entrance door. The lock is operated with the help of a key. The levers would go well inside the door frame sometimes even deeper. The best mortice deadlocks are those which comply with the British Standard Nr. BS3621 (you must check for this number on them)

Window locks (external)

Although several new style uPVC windows are supplied with locks by default, most of the older style windows have no locks at all, except for their organic locking system working from the inside. It’s wise to get some additional protection for your windows, at least on the ground floor and to your patio doors, especially those with sliding options. Have a slide lock installed by a certified locksmith service in Poole or any other anti-lift device to make sure the sliding doors cannot be lifted out of their runners. Windows are best to have an additional key operated lock option. You can also consider to have window grilles at least on the street front which can be a huge exclamation mark keeping burglars away. Additional rim security bolts can also be useful.

While not having all your locks up to British standards may not automatically keep you away from getting insured, you may need to pay more money. In addition, if your natural security system is high and you can prove all your main locks are of British standards, many insurers will give you extra discounts on good o better insurance packages.

While there is a great deal of modern locks, which can work with cards, or electronically, these are not yet considered as a standard option, as they are very expensive and more complicated to deal with for many. For more information, check out an experienced locksmith service in Poole who is also expert in lock related insurance policies.

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