Why it’s important to eliminate the risks of your home being robbed without the use of any tools

Home insurance is a tricky business and most importantly, it should never be considered as a charity for you. This means, you need to read through and learn all the exclusion criteria before deciding to get your home insured. Most insurance companies do all their best not to pay you. This should be your starting point.

It’s not only extremely annoying if a burglar can jump through your fence, get through your garage windows or any other windows which were forgotten open, or use a spare key to get to the home, this may also cause a major headache and heavy losses in other ways too:

  • If burglary happens due to a window or door being left open your insurance claim will instantly be deemed void. Insurance companies only pay when you can actually prove you did all the best precautions to not let alone in your home.
  • Insurance companies will want you to present them with proofs of a burglar having to use various tools or other forms of acts which prove that the doors and windows were all closed and locked by the time the robbery happened.
  • This clause is a very important one and it’s featured in the so-called „small letter section” of home insurance contracts and listed as an exclusion.
  • Exclusions are also made, if it turns out that you failed to use all your previously provided security measures to protect your home. Meaning, a lock was not locked an alarm system was not turned on.
  • If you have a Poole locksmith change any of your locks after you make insurance, then make sure to inform your insurer on the new locks as soon as possible. If you fail to do so, any later payback claims will be deemed void, due to the fact, your locks were not those, the insurance company knew of.
  • Some insurers prefer you use locks which are of BSI Standard. Poole locksmith services will easily guide you in the world of approved locks and will happily install these for you. Having these compliant locks will not only act as a good protection, while getting compliant locks is not totally a must, if you have them you can get great discounts, way better deals and your property will be deemed a lower risk property ( less vulnerable to be robbed) which means you pay less for more services on the long haul.
  • Bear in mind, many insurance covers are not for the total value of your belongings but only cover a part of their value and this segment can be altered by the insurance company depending on the type of burglary that happens. This is why you should rather estimate a higher value for everything instead of a lower value. Also keep an eye on the old to new policy.
  • Look for an insurer that pays for emergency cases in your home including you having to have your lock replaced. This may be an additional service in much insurance but make sure you have it, this way your locks can be changed due to a loss by an approved Poole locksmith and you save some money.

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