Five key vulnerabilities burglars will use to find the ideal home to rob

Let’s change our thinking for a moment or two. In order for us to be able to protect our homes accordingly, sometimes it’s really useful to imagine ourselves in the skin of the enemy. Therefore let’s show you the key signs of a home, that’s an easy job for any burglar and this way let you know what ways to use to protect your home accordingly. We will also learn why it’s so useful to have the contact info of an experience locksmith service in Poole with you.

vulnerability: The garden entrance door

We often don’t pay much attention to the garden entrance door. In the best case, the garden entrance is also well hidden and out of sight of neighbours or anyone from the outside. That’s why these doors are often only protected by a basic garden entrance door and not much of anything else. When they are old and the wood has weakened, these doors are by far the easiest to use for breaking in for burglars.

vulnerability: why breaking in when one can use the spare key?

Most people think alike and want to find „forget-me-not” places around the entrance area where they can hide the spare keys for themselves or for other family members. Unfortunately these places are more than obvious for all burglars out there and they will be the first places they will use to break in, without actually breaking in, in a home.

vulnerability: poor quality locks and door

Old locks are by far easier to penetrate than the new more complicated ones. Burglars therefore prefer the older locks which take far less time to open. This is why it’s essential to upgrade your locks at least once every 5-10 years, and even more frequently if your house is in an area that’s vulnerable for burglaries or if you have several high-value items at your home. Well experienced and trusted Poole locksmiths can easily check and let you know what needs to be changed and where. The same goes for the quality of doors as well. Do not install good quality lock on an otherwise poorer quality door and always make sure your entrance doors are both steel doors on the inside even when covered with wood.

vulnerability: windows left open

Many times, burglars do not have to break in. It’s well enough if they wait a day or two to make sure noone is at home and then simply climb in through a window that’s been left open. We tend to leave windows open much more frequently than one would thing. Especially vulnerable are the windows that are left open at the back of the house, they are out of sight so not even the neighbours or passer-by see the burglary attempt through them.

vulnerability: dog entrances for large dogs (and the dog is not at home)

Dogs can be a great help in keeping burglars away, but their door can easily become a vulnerability when the whole family is away, along with the dog. Therefore make sure special safety is applied to get the dog entrance closed and locked while you are all away.

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