Fences which are easy to climb through

There are several sorts of fences which are easy target for burglars: the decorative front-yard fence that’s easy to step or climb through, the fence that’s open chain without being secured in concrete and which is easy to cut with a plain bush cutter and last but not least, the solid brick fence that’s not a see-through fence, therefore it’s easy to climb especially if it lacks barbed wire or spikes on the top. Therefore tall grilled fences with large spikes are by far the safest of all fences. You can even get nice thorny bushes around these to further dissuade any intruder from entering.

Windows, balcony doors which are left open and are easy to get to

Open windows and balcony doors are like a call sign for burglars to check out. If you have a nice tall tree next to the house that’s easy to climb and it’s not trimmed back, your windows can be easily used as an entrance on every floor. Therefore do not keep any windows open especially when you are away for a longer time. And keep the curtains pulled at all times, to prevent anyone from seeing through.

Garden doors which are very easy to open and are unguarded

There are plenty of people who don’t use their garden door at all, therefore oftentimes these doors are often left forgotten by the owners. However these are some of the most vulnerable spots for breaking in, largely because they are located at a hidden spot. Get a seasoned Poole locksmith service to get give these doors the protective measures they are so much in need of, so that they don’t serve as a blind spot nor as an open invitation for burglars.

Backside doors which are left open

British and American style homes are often equipped with a backyard door that generally leads to the kitchen. It’s very useful for any household to get the kitchen connected with a garden, however these doors are often left unattended and are forgotten about by the owners. In fact, these should be treated just like ordinary entrance doors and should get the protective measures they deserve.

Older locks which are easy to decompose or penetrate

Old locks are far too often the reason why it’s so easy to break in to homes. That’s also why it’s so important to get a good locksmith service in Poole and get all locks, which are heavily used or old to get changed. If change is not possible, due to the door being antique, additional measures of security need to be added. Experienced Poole locksmiths are familiar with older locks and can easily help reinforce them in several ways.

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